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Entry #3

Album IDEA!!!!!!!!!

2015-08-22 21:35:50 by BronzeJohnson

Alright so i have not made a thing recantly, however i am workking on something worthy of being posted on newgrounds.Here is the thing im going to basicly make it about the past 5 year journey i have faced. Woven into a story that can only be told threw music. I hopefully can have it done by the end of this year and its going to be something that is going to have every kind of music i can manage to make. I am down for help for im not fully diverse in all music and how to make it. Also any animators out there who want a song to use please feel free to. If anyone has an idea or something that they think would also be great please let me know. Yes there will be lyrics and if anyone wants to do vocals please hit me up would love some voice overs. And now a joke.... A traveling salesman is on his route when he goes up to a door and sees a 15 year old boy dressed in drag, drinking a bottle of vodka and smoking a cigar. The salesman taken aback asks "are your parents home?" the boy holding his cigar looks up and him and says "what the fuck do you think?!"


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